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 Lord of the Rings Online

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PostSubject: Lord of the Rings Online   Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:40 pm

OMG! At first i didnt like it but now im totally addicted......its a great WoW alternative....and now its free to download and play Very Happy

Its a Turbine game so your Turbine points from DDO can transfer and be used in LOTRO...It is different from DDO though.

For one thing, the crafting system is alot more advanced. Instead of doing all crafting at 'crafting stations' theres an entire crafting system with professions, crafting levels and areas for crafting like forges, mines, farm fields, ovens, studying tables, woodworking stations and spindle wheels. Also, the weapon variety is more limited. All classes except for a couple of combat geared ones have access to only one type of weapon. The combat abilities system works more like Guild Wars where you have to purchase new combat skills which are only available after attaining a certain level. There is no multi classing and you can get to level 100. The world is much bigger than the DDO world and you have to set aside some time for traveling to new destinations, although you can speed it up with things like a horse riding service (works like a cab, you cant ride the horse but the computer rides the horse to the selected destination), and also boat riding, and later on you can purchase your own mount with turbine points and ride them wherever, i heard a rumour that u can even get evil mounts like the Ring Wraiths demonic horses, wyverns and possibly even Oliphants if you become evil (all characters start good and you can 'choose your path', become evil if u want and unlock evil races like Orcs, Goblins and Evil Men). Beginning races include Dwarves, Elves, Men and Hobbits.

Anyways you really have to try it in order to understand fully, ill post a link to the website soon Wink
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Lord of the Rings Online
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