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PostSubject: Crusaders   Mon Jun 09, 2008 2:39 pm

Famous Crusaders

Godfrey of Bouillon (leader of the First Crusade)
Baldwin of Boulogne (leader of the First Crusade)
Baldwin of Bourcq (leader of the First Crusade)
Bohemond of Taranto (leader of the First Crusade)
Tancred (leader of the First Crusade)
Raymond IV of Toulouse (leader of the First Crusade)
Stephen, Count of Blois (leader of the First Crusade)
Hugh of Payens (founder of the Knights Templar)
Frederick Barbarossa (Holy Roman Emperor and Crusader)
Raymond III of Tripoli (Crusader general)
Raynald of Chatillon (Crusader general)
Gerard de Ridefort (Grand Master of the Knights Templar)
Jobert of Syria (Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller)
Roger de Moulins (Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller)
Richard I of England (King of England, often referred as Richard the Lionhearted, known for his participation in the Third Crusade)
Boniface of Montferrat (leader of the Fourth Crusade)
Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor (leader of the Fifth Crusade and Sixth Crusade)
Louis IX of France (leader of the Seventh Crusade and Eighth Crusade)

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