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 Europa Barbarorum 1.1 released

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PostSubject: Europa Barbarorum 1.1 released   Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:29 am

EB 1.1 was released last week. If you dont already have it, heres a link for you. Wink Enjoy.

New units
* First cohort
* Boii swordsmen
* Caturiges
* Vellinica
* Caledonian nobles
* Maures
* Vellinica
* Wargoz
* Celtogermanic cavalry
* Ilergeta
* Dunaminica
* Galathraikes
* Gaesamica
* Iabarannta
* Numidian Slinger
* Rhodian Slinger
* Trokalobutiamm
* Ischyroi (Agema) Orditon
* Bruttian Infantry

New features
* ===>READ THIS!***Added a reminder to start the EB script to both the descriptions on the faction selection screen and a new quote.***<===READ THIS!
* Battles of Telamon, Zela, Ausculum, Metaurus, Tribola, Kynoskephalai, Vosges, Carrhae
* Added the last of the Roman ethnicity traits.
* Added Casse Invasion
* Added unconditional AI reforms
* Some new unique buildings
* New battlemap geography, new forest layout.
* New geographic features added to the campaign map.
* Naravas script
* Saka intro
* New music
* New Q-Celtic complete voicemod
* New Pahlava voicemod (lacking charge sounds)
* New Proto-Germanic voicemod (only unit names)
* Updated Gallic complete voicemod

Balancing changes
* Changes to the money script
* Changed garrisons/starting armies for most factions and many free settlements.
* Diplomatic changes to Core attitudes and starting diplomatic stances.
* Epirote, Roman and Pahlava changes to encourage more early agression (such as attacks on Pella/Taras).
* A few Sauro changes for AI
* Saka AI personality change.
* Changes to help KH
* Altered the Eburonum roving generals entrance turn to stop the Sweboz blitz. He now enters turn 49.
* Nerfed a few isolated Eleutheroi garrisons as they became too big with the adding of recruited Eleutheroi units
* A few changes to Casse balancing
* Reduced duration of AI bonus help from 20 years to 15
* Added treasury condition (<100000) to Carthage's fleet bonus
* Added naval bays in Rhodos, Krete and Mytilene for the AI only
* Removed Taras MIC to help Romans, left it there only for when the player is Roman.
* Don't place Roman barracks in Ariminum when player is Romani.
* Added secondary hitpoints to nearly all missile cavalry to make them suck less in autocalc. Steppes now have teeth!
* Added horse discount for Sauromatae and Saka.
* Aedui AI gets type 2 in Mediolanum. Human still gets type 3
* Tweaked a bit the money flow to the Ptolemaioi, and the cap for them and Arche Seleukeia
* Changes to help Baktria take Kophen easier

Gameplay changes
* Changes in the requirements for the nomad Camps and Herds
* Tweaks to the Celtic reforms requirements
* Changes to the mercenary pools
* Disabled uncomfortable supervisor for client rulers.
* Reduced the frequency at which Moskon's army appears in the Celtiberian alliance script, and set his age to 60 years.
* Major overhaul on inconsistent unit stats and costs
* Updated Sauromatae building tree according to change in the descriptions of the "High-King" buildings.
* Added more hitpoints to elephants and chariots. They still disapprove of javelins and refuse to stand for them.
* Baktria is now back down to 1 starting province (AS has the others, for as long as they can hold them)
* Fairly large changes to recruitment
* Spawned defender armies regenerate somewhat slower when destroyed.
* Client Ruler implementation considerably changed.
* Raised horse mass
* Cape Tainaron changed as part of it was redundant. Now even more mercenaries are available here!
* Disasters and resource locations retouched
* All javelin-chucking troops can now have upgraded weapons, except reform units
* Reduced the trading ports where there were more than 3 export fleets. Replaced some of it with trade bonus instead.

Bug fixes
* Fixed model Kampanian Cav
* Fixed bug causing Qarthadastim and Sweboz reform buildings to be placed every time reforms are achieved, game is reloaded, and "end turn" button is pushed.
* Fixed bug causing creation of homeland and expansion markers every time the game is reloaded after the 2nd Pan-Caucasus reform takes place,
* Seleucid reform fix
* Added cataphract reform code for Alexandreia-Ariana.
* Added new coordinates to the custom maps of "Belgica" and "Hadramawt Hills" Older versions had the road/bridge graphical problem.
* Fixed the Ptolemaioi ethnicities antitraits.
* Moved up the celtic general neitos unit in the order of units so the Boii Lugian script won't pick up the Sacred Band cavalry as BG
* Temple of Marduk in Tyde
* Komatai Epilektoi
* Fixed lacking ".tga" for the Mori Gaesum slave entry.
* Neitos BGs
* Too common sweboz Anti-Noble trait
* Ridanz-Komatai Hippeis UI mixup for eleutheroi
* Latest attempt at fixing Makedonian drink traits.
* Fixed problem of germans getting two spear-carriers.
* Fixed saka rider bug.
* removed Kuarothoroi causing CTD
* Fixed the AS leaders getting stuck.
* Fix for spartan hoplite texture
* Fixed a problem with the Boii-Lugii script. Now it handles multiple governor changes at the same turn.
* Fixed unit name error causing a CTD on turn 400.
* Fix display name for tag KtistesmithA.
* Added "Cognomen" to Gallicus, Dacius, Africanus, Germanicus, Asiaticus, Brittanicus, Parthicus, and Macedonicus to fix a mismatch between the EDCT and VnV.
* Flipped the effect of SumtuariaeLeges/Nota Censoria to be a malus to influence as it's a punishment.
* The celtic_missile_iaosatae unit cards were missing in the Slave faction
* Removed floods entirely, as it was reported to strike The Sea and leaving the movement permanently reduced.
* missing HR in Media prevented Temple of Ekbatana bonuses from showing
* Fixed temple name in Celt reforms code
* Fixed triggers for temples, which were previously making people unhappy when the general was staying in a settlement with a temple to a deity he worships.
* Added Apeleutheroi recruitment to the government precursor markers to reduce likelihood of rebellion CTD.
* Fixed Carthage getting a steppe transport

Minor changes
* Selfperpetuating and academic traits will now increase slowly with higher chance, as opposed to in spurts.
* "Turns" changed to "seasons" in many instances
* Minor menu changes
* Pheraspides changed to Peltastai Makedonikoi
* Elephant armour primary/secondary switch.
* Blocked client rulers from roman offices,
* Some minor changes to the former Poeni Pentereis.
* Deleted some wayward trait/ancillary files under UI.
* Small changes to some unique buildings
* Default formation density switches
* Some changes to the lighting
* Diadochoi infrastructure changes
* Changed Garamantine anim to fs_fast_spearman
* Changes to various mercenary pools
* Various changes to names and descriptions everywhere
* Some Year In History edits.
* Changed the Gynaikonomos mechanics. Now the chance of getting the position is greatly reduced, and can be shed by leaving the settlement for 3 turns.
* Changed "experience" to "rebellion only" for the Apeleutheroi dummy recruitment
* New skins for older units, mori gaesum, uirodusios, leuce epos, asiatikoi hippeis, cidainh, neitos
* Added javelins to the Neitos/Galatian kleruchs/Carnutes
* Changed the level 3 markets to give specific bonuses to Qarthadast, like every other level has.
* Some quotes added, changed, removed
* Relaxed requirements for the Roman triumph.
* Changes to the celtic voicemod
* Delay the arrival of Xanthippos until the winter of 256 BC.
* Stripped out unused vanilla advice
* Updated start maps for Baktria and AS, on faction selection screens.
* Map tweaks
* The triumph event was not working, substituted with a GainMessage for the trait.
* Removed the equipment upgrades from Lusotannan and Casse temples. Now no temples give equipment bonuses anymore.
* Increased the threshold for satraps minting coins, now only disloyal ones will be likely to start minting. Faction leader no longer gets penalties for minting coins.
* Deleted the oliphant. Now the game will crash immediately upon writing the cheatcode instead of at a random later time.

Supporting features
(Some of these have been released separately between 1.0 and 1.1)
* Trivial script (very simple script engine that lets people create graphical interface for simple actions). Allows user friendly change of lighting, game type and modesty patch settings.
* Installation validation tool
* Updates to the building trees
* Recruitment viewer
* Unit documentation


"You win battles by knowing the enemy's timing, and using a timing which the enemy does not expect."
Miyamoto Musashi
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PostSubject: Re: Europa Barbarorum 1.1 released   Sat Apr 12, 2008 1:02 pm

Yeah already downloaded it, a very good mod on the same level as mtw2SS, its also very hard with rebel cities being able to put up a gd fight(none of this 2 pesant garrison)

I recomend people download it.
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Europa Barbarorum 1.1 released
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