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PostSubject: RED ALERT!   Wed Apr 20, 2011 6:56 pm

The HSAS (Homeland Security Advisory System - was officially dumped today by Obama and his left wing elitist followers....

THIS IS TERRIBLE! The HSAS was one of George W's greatest accomplishments as President, this thing kept millions of Americans afraid and unquestioningly loyal, if people stop spying on their dark skinned neighbors then the Enemy will be able to carry out their evil agenda unhindered, which means....

EVERYBODY SET YOUR HSAS METERS TO RED! The government may have dropped it but that doesnt mean we have to...

Now to be fair Obama has replaced it with a system that relies on regional threats rather than the threat to the nation as a whole, but it just doesnt have the same edge-of-your-seat kindof impact that the HSAS did Sad

Final note, somebody asked me 'but Pazu didnt they conveniently raise the HSAS to red in November 2004 right before the elections?' THEY DIDNT, ITS ALL A LIE and if u dont believe that then the reason they did is because there was an emminent threat that a Democrat wouldve been elected, something which would thrust our nation into a national security crisis once more.

Stay afraid people, stay afraid....

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