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 cRPG character leveling basics

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PostSubject: cRPG character leveling basics    Tue Feb 08, 2011 2:10 pm

Taken from taleworlds forums:

Leveling your Character

Be careful before choosing how to level your character. If you make a mistake, you can't change it except by resetting your character and being a peasant again.
Some people have posted their builds on the forums, so you can look at those for advice. Or, post asking for help with a cavalry/archer etc build, and people should give you some advice.
Try to plan your build as well - think carefully how your character will be when they are a high level.

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND trying to find a clan to play with. Not only are clans a good way to meet people to play with, but more often than not, they can answer any questions you may have. Refer to the the thread here,125393.0.html for information on some of the clans in cRPG.

For examples of good character builds go here,122891.45.html

Every level advancement you receive:
1 Attribute Point
1 Skill Point
4 Weapon Proficiency Points (WPP)

Your Peasant Starter Set:

Every person starts with the same stats, 35 Hitpoints, 3 strength and 3 agility, 2 skill points, and 30 WPP and 100 gold.

- Strength: It is important to note that not only does each point of strength give you 1 extra hitpoint but strength is also necessary to use higher level equipment.
IMPORTANT: The difficulty rating of armor and weapons (omitting shields, throwing weapons, and bows) is the amount of strength required to use said item.

- Agility: Every point of agility gives a 0.5 % weapon speed increase. Agility is essential if you plan on specializing in 2 Handers or Polearms.

Skill Points
Skill Point (Strenght Skills can be raised every 3 Strenght Points)
Ironflesh: Increases health by 2 hitpoints per skill level.
Power Strike: Increases damage by 8% per skill level.
Power Draw: Increases the damage done by Bow weapons by 8% per level.
Power Throw: Increases the damage done by Thrown weapons by 8% per level.

Skill Points (Agility skills can be raised every 3 agility Points, Riding every 6)
Shield: Increases shield speed/coverage/hitpoints. (Difficulty on shields uses this ability. i.e. 3 points on shield allows use of difficulty 3 shields).
Athletics: Increases run speed by 5% per level. (Very important if you donít plan on buying a horse).
Riding: Allows the use of mounts. (Difficulty on mounts uses this ability. i.e. 3 points on riding allows use of difficulty 3 mounts)
Horse Archery: Increases accuracy when using ranged weapons while mounted.
Weapon master: Instantly gives 20 WPP + level of Weapon master x10. (Level 5 weapon master gives 70 WPP, level 6 give 80, etc).

IMPORTANT: Weapon Master is one of the most important skills in cRPG. Every point in weapon master gives you 20 +(wpp * 10). The higher level you gain more Weaponpoints per level automatic so its not necessary to raise Weaponmastery first.

Weapon Proficiency Points (WPP)

You are given 30 WPP to start off, it is important to raise your proficiency in your most used weapon type. WPP increases the speed and damage of the weapon type modified.

There are:
One Handed: Good All-rounder, best with shield.
Two Handed: Good Damage, MUST BE A SKILLED MANUAL BLOCKER, there are a lot of enemies out there, and Iím sure you want to stay alive.
Polearm: Essential skill for horsemen who plan on using lances, and footmen using spears and other pole-weapons.
Archery: (MUST HAVE POWERDRAW) Increases your accuracy with a bow.
Crossbow: no additional skill required to use. Increases accuracy with crossbow.
Throwing: (MUST HAVE POWERTHROW) Increases accuracy with throwing weapons. t

IMPORTANT: For Bows and Throwing Items you will need Skill Points (Power draw or Power throw)
Requirements for Items

Bow Requirements = Power Draw
All other weapon requirements = Strength
Throwing Weapon requirements = Power Throw
Shield Requirements = Shield Skill Level

There is a decrease on WPP based on the weight of your armor, the formula is:
Total weight = Body armour + Leg armour + (Head armour)x3 + (Hand armour)x2

Where total weight is the amount of WPP decreased.

to be good with a weapon you should invest at least 100 points into its corresponding proficiency.

From 1-45 it Costs to Raise 1 Point, 1 WPP (45 Weapon points)
From 46-75 it Costs to Raise 1 Point 2 Wpp (60 Weapon points)
From 76-100 it Costs to Raise 1 Point 3 Wpp (75 Weapon points)

All-in-all, you need 180 Weapon points to raise 1 proficiency to 100
With Weapon mastery 7 and Level 31 You raise 2 proficiencies to 140, or 1 Style to about 180



"You win battles by knowing the enemy's timing, and using a timing which the enemy does not expect."
Miyamoto Musashi
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cRPG character leveling basics
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