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PostSubject: RTW Clan Central   Wed Oct 13, 2010 7:38 pm

Hello Imperators,

I'm visiting on behalf of the future board staff to welcome your clan to participate in the latest conception of RTW Clan Central. This board has the mission of uniting our clan activities and enhancing communication between experienced players. It is a place of information, sharing and enjoyment.

If your clan has been a previous member of RCC, I invite you to consider electing a representative for a voice in the board’s senate (moderation staff). If not, you should consider applying for RCC membership when the time comes. Otherwise, everyone is free to register and contribute as a member.

I realize that the previous RCC’s have had issues with administrative abuse. The latest will have a very different staffing policy. In short, there will be one “blind” administrator with a separate account which does not participate in senate discussion or decisions, only reviews for vote validity and enacts them. There will no longer be administrative assistants or global moderators, rather forum moderators (senators) with restricted privileges to protect the board. When we are ready for staff recruitment, senators will need to verify themselves to the existing senators. If you are interested in learning more, I once again welcome you to visit the board and register.

Finally, I’ll note that at this time, the board is still under construction. There will be changes to the theme and structure. However it has reached a point of completion where we would like to announce that RCC exists again. It is not ready for a full slate of senators, but it shall be soon.

Thank you for your interest and I hope to see you there! Wink


PS: I'm afraid I will not be checking for replies to this announcement!
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RTW Clan Central
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