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 'Das Heilige Römische Reich 0.8a beta

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PostSubject: 'Das Heilige Römische Reich 0.8a beta   Thu Jan 28, 2010 2:25 pm

Looks sweet.

Quote :
Some new features:

New Time Scale!
The game now runs from 1080 to 1250 with 4 turns per year (three summer turns, one winter turn). This is about 200 turns more than dHRR 0.7.

New Units!
Nearly all Vanilla units have been replaced. A complete new line up has been made for the western factions. The units of the eastern factions have been seriously improved by the excellent work of Rusichi Total War. The Byzantines anyways were using the outstanding CBUR roster.
All units, also the few Vanillas that remained, have received changed stats and costs to ensure that comparable units have comparable abilities and about equal costs. We have tried to stick as much as possible to the principle “What you see is what you get”: A unit with chain armour will always be a hard opponent, no matter where it comes from.

New Titles and Offices!
More than 100 clerical and worldly titles and offices have been added to be acquired by your family members!
Appoint counts and dukes by sending your family members into the cities where titles are awaiting them! Even royal and imperial crowns now are no longer out of reach for family member that never will make it to faction leaders. Once acquired these titles will become hereditary, passing from father to son or other relatives of the holders. Some titles cannot be acquired, but will only be passed hereditary within one of the starting families.
Appoint bishops by either having the local chapter elect one (recruit a priest in the respective town) or by making one of your vassals bishops (send a recruited general or an unmarried family member with the “bastard” trait into that town).
Watch your family member struggling for royal favour and acquiring court titles! Each faction has a unique way of dealing with rule and control in the medieval world of dHRR, from the jarls of Denmark, to the ispans in Hungary, the republican administrators in Venice and the papal curia in Rome.
We have also reviewed the family trees. In most occasions the number of family members has been much raised (check out Saxony or Sicily if you want to start the game with a really huge family!). As an additional goodie we came behind the secret how the game picks faction heirs and were that way able forcing the game to (usually) pick the next heir as it would have been done in the historical faction. So, your next faction leader will be selected always to different rules when you play, for example, France, Poland or Venice.

Reich Reworked!

All German faction leader are now elector counts. The "Romzug" no longer is available during civil war. But becoming emperor properly crowned now is even more important than before: When your faction leader has been crowned emperor he can make the faction heir Rex Romanorum, provided that one is descendant of the Imperial House. This would make the faction heir the next emperor even without any election. Establish an imperial dynasty in your faction!

New Display!
Strat-models, faction banners, faction names and trade resources have been reworked to give you a complete new game feeling.

Reworked Economy!
All settlements have been reviewed and made more accurate concerning population size and upgrades. We have also changed the trade resources to be better fitting medieval Europe. All built-times and –costs have been adjusted the new time scale (that is, were approximately doubled).

Reviewed Diplomacy!
The relations at game start are now set according to the historical situation: In Germany there is a civil war going on with all German faction involved between an “imperial party” on the one side, and a “papal party” on the other side. Venice and Byzantium start the game allied and at war with Sicily. England and Scotland start the game at war too.

Known limitations:
This is not the final version 0.8 (that’s why it is called “0.8a beta”). The Obotrites, Rus, Byzantines, Seljuks and Almoravids have only seen little changes since 0.7 so far, save for the new units. This will be done with following “updates” of 0.8. These also will feature new loading screens, proper credits, and an installer to work as a stand alone.

In internal tests this version runs without crashes, save for the nasty “right-click-on-ui-bug” already known with 0.7. If you encounter any CTDs when trying to fight battles it would be a result of a changed file forgotten in this download, please check the log, it should tell you which file the game has been searching in vain and then crashed, and tell us.

Milan, Sicily and Hungary have so far not been proper tested, so you can become a beta-tester by playing them and noting down anything odd you encounter while playing.

I would also like to ask you keeping us informed which parts of the new system seem unclear, or even illogical, to you. This will help us further improving the game.

for features of v.0.7, please have a look here:
for questions go here:


"You win battles by knowing the enemy's timing, and using a timing which the enemy does not expect."
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'Das Heilige Römische Reich 0.8a beta
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