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 20 more MP maps from the Lordz

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PostSubject: 20 more MP maps from the Lordz   Fri Nov 27, 2009 4:46 pm


Quote :
Hello to all Empire Multiplayers.

There is something here that I guarantee will breath a whole new life into your on line battle experiences.

The Lordz map pack is now once again compatible with Vanilla ETW.
The pack contains twenty maps that make the current ones on offer from CA look like child's play.
There are even a number from great historical battles of the Napoleonic period, Borodino, Marengo, Quatre Bra and the like.

""I don't play vanilla myself so its up to you guys to push this map pack forward and get as many players as possible to install it.""

I promise it will be well worth while, your first look will blow you away.

""Please note these instructions are for Vanilla only""
If you are using any minor mods like blood and smoke etc, then you do not need the script file and you will have to launch the game via Mod Manager.
If you play online with any of the major Mods then the pack is currently compatible with The Rights of Man (TROM) and the A Proper Empire (APE) team are working on doing the same, as for the others please check with the respective modding teams.

Downloads here.

Mappack for Data

Locfile for data

Script file for scripts

Install instructions here.

1. Exit Empire and steam

2. Place the Mappack and Locfile into your data folder, found here,
(c:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\empire total war\data)

3. Place the script file in scripts, found here,
C:\Documents and settings\*user*\Applications Data\The Creative Assembly\Empire\Scripts

4. Launch game.

Please note that the ""THREE HILLS"" map is currently not working, all the others are fine.

Good luck and enjoy.

P.S. I was merely a humble beta tester on this project all credit goes to ""Lord Gunner"", ""Lord Badger"" and all who helped from the Lordz modding collective.

Cheers DJ

Sounds awsome! Im going to check them out, but its one of those things where everyone has to have them. No big deal though, just as easy to take them out as it is to put them in. Just switch them around whenever. Dont overwrite anything.


"You win battles by knowing the enemy's timing, and using a timing which the enemy does not expect."
Miyamoto Musashi
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PostSubject: Re: 20 more MP maps from the Lordz   Fri Nov 27, 2009 7:38 pm

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20 more MP maps from the Lordz
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