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 Recruit guidelines *MUST READ*

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PostSubject: Recruit guidelines *MUST READ*   Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:37 pm

We're pleased that you've shown intrest in joining the Imperators.  First off let me tell you alittle bit about our group.  
We started out as a Medieval 2 clan called The Dragons.  The Dragons were formed in October, 2006 by Boru "The Butcher"(named after the great Irish King who fought the Vikings on many occasions).  Most of us are 30+ with full time jobs but we've since opened our doors to any mature and respectful player.  Many in our ranks are Rome TW veterans and in April of 08 we decided to revisit our old love, and in doing so we became a true Total War clan.  We now play all of the active Total War titles and are very successful. With our renewed love of everything Total War we decided to give our clan a new name...Imperators.  The Imperators have been from the very start a democracy and currently we hold alliances with several clans.  We're not concerned with getting a huge roster, but finding like-minded individuals with the same love of the game and an honourable and mature attitude.  Of course or main goal is to have fun.  If your still interested in joining there are a few steps you'll need to follow.

Step 1.  You must read and agree to our code of honor.

Step 2.  You must register and make a post in our recruitment thread stating your intention to join, and adding alittle bit about yourself.  What games do you play?  How often are you online?  How long have you been playing?, etc.  Please try to stay active on our forums.

Step 3.  Download and install Steam
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Recruit guidelines *MUST READ*
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