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PostSubject: Class info   Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:21 am

Heres all the free classes:

The brawlers

  • Barbarian
    -Barbarians possess incredible strength and offensive power. They are not as well armored as fighters, but they can absorb damage and go into a battle rage to overwhelm their enemies.
    -Barbarians are the beasts of the battlefield. Often using huge two-handed weapons or two weapons at once, they can deal immense amounts of melee damage.
    -By tapping into the raw fury of nature, barbarians can enter a battle rage that boosts their fighting ability to extreme levels, but they need to recover afterwards.
    -Barbarians also have the ability to shrug off or absorb some incoming physical attacks without taking damage. This is called damage reduction (DR) and can help make up for their lack of heavy armor.
    -Fighters can use a large variety of weapons, all types of shields, and the heaviest armor. They can also train in many more combat abilities than the other melee classes.
    -Fighters get more feats than any other class, and as a result they have a lot of attack options in battle. They can knock an enemy off his feet or damage multiple enemies at once with a great cleave.
    -Fighters are also able to use more weapons, armor, and shields than any other class. They often focus their training on a specific set of gear and become masters of their own custom fighting styles. A fighter can succeed in battle in many different ways.
    -Paladins are supremely resilient and have a good balance of offense and defense. They protect and support allies better than the other melee classes, provide some healing, and wield the power of good as a mighty weapon.
    -Through their devotion and purity, paladins gain many special abilities. They can deal extra damage to evil creatures, can boost their own saves, and can use Lay on Hands to send powerful healing energy to allies.
    -At level 4, paladins get their first helpful spells which they can use to aid themselves or their party.
    -Paladins also get immunities to harmful effects like disease and fear, and radiate powerful protective auras that help defend all nearby allies.

Magic users

  • Cleric
    -Divine spell casters and healers, Clerics have a broad range of spells at their command. They excel at curing ailments and healing allies but also have the ability to blast enemies with their divine power.
    -Clerics use divine magic and gain all of their spells as they level up. They don't have to inscribe new spells like wizards or pick a subset like favored souls. Clerics also have a special ability called Turning. They can use this to attack undead or assist allies.
    -Unlike wizards and sorcerers, clerics have powerful healing spells and can wear armor and use shields, granting them better protection than other casters.
    -When clerics are at taverns or rest shrines, they can switch to different spells to better address the challenges of their current quest. Favored souls and sorcerers cannot do this.
    -Sorcerers are born with the ability to use powerful magic. They have fewer spells than wizards but can cast much faster and more often.
    -Sorcerers can innately cast arcane spells without needing academic training like wizards. They can only perform a fixed number of spells in this way, but they can cast them much faster and can do more damage over time.
    -Sorcerers, along with Favored Souls, get more spell points than any of the other classes. They also gain more bonus spell points from special magic items. As a result, they can cast more often.
    -Sorcerers cannot switch spells at taverns or rest shrines. They are able to switch spells but to do so they must undergo a special ritual that can only be done once every few days.
    -Wizards can learn a huge variety of spells and can fine tune their spell list to the task. They can assist the party, summon allies, or destroy opponents with the power of the elements.
    -Wizards are the only class that can learn all of the arcane spells. This eventually gives them many spell options when preparing to go on a quest.
    -Unlike the other classes, wizards get bonus metamagic feats. These feats give them more ways to manipulate the power and duration of their spells.
    -At taverns and rest shrines, wizards can switch to different spells. This allows them to choose the right spell for the situation. Sorcerers and favored souls cannot do this.

Other support classes

  • Bard
    -Using spells, skills, and powerful magical songs, Bards are the ultimate support characters, simultaneously strengthening friends and weakening foes.
    -Playing songs is the bard's most impressive ability. With songs bards can give a boost to their allies abilities or subdue foes. The Fascinate song can mesmerize and immobilize enemies better than any other class's spells or abilities.
    -Bards also have mastery of many different kinds of spells. They can heal allies or attack and manipulate foes and have more spell points than any of the other melee or specialist classes.
    -With this special blend of abilities, bards can make any party more effective, regardless of composition.
    -Rangers are extremely versatile combatants. They can act as scouts, can wield two weapons at once, and are lethal with a bow.
    - Rangers are incredibly skilled with the bow. They can eventually learn remarkable techniques like shooting through groups of enemies with a single arrow or firing multiple arrows simultaneously.
    -Rangers are also the best class at two-weapon fighting, using a weapon in each hand. In addition, they can make very good scouts, sneaking ahead of the party and gathering information on enemies and their movements.
    -Rangers can also cast several useful spells and begin to learn these at level 4.
    -Rogues use stealth and a variety of masterful techniques to disarm traps, unlock doors, and take down enemies with devastating sneak attacks.
    -Stealthy and sly, rogues pride themselves on their skill. They are among the best at finding secret doors and traps and are the only class that can disarm traps. They can also pick locks to gain access to special areas and treasure chests.
    -Rogues also have a powerful ability called the sneak attack. With proper skill and strategy, they can use this to devastating effect.
    -Rogues make great scouts and are easily able to blend with the shadows and go undetected. Combining stealth with sneak attacking can be a powerful combination.

You can find more info here:


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Class info
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